Why we have changed our name (from ACF to AF)

After a lengthy discussion process, the Anarchist Communist Federation has decided to rename itself ‘the Anarchist Federation’. This does not reflect a change in political direction but rather reflects the ongoing debate within the organisation. It should be noted that the decision was not unanimous and some ACF members argued against the name change because of fears of dilution of our politics, of an interruption in continuity etc. Nevertheless the name change has gone ahead without acrimony and with noone leaving the organisation.

People have a lot of preconceived ideas about Anarchism (chaos, punk, terrorism) and communism (Soviet Union, dictatorship, lack of freedom). Being associated with two labels, members of the ACF found they were spending more time convincing people that Anarchist Communism wasn’t a contradiction that they were discussing the real issues. Many thought that this was a waste of our energies and holding back the potential growth of Anarchist ideas here in Britain. Whilst we still hold on to our Anarchist Communist principles we acknowledge that first impressions count. With the name change we hope to create dialogue with those new to revolutionary ideas.

We also feel that it is also a good opportunity to reaffirm what our politics are and where our influences come from. As we enter the new century the traditional differences between Anarchism and Marxism become less and less important, only promoted by ever shrinking sects local in Marxist-Leninist prisons. Fortunately those groups are slowly fading away but while they exist they continue to distort and disrupt real class struggle.

We however are not a cult only interested in orthodoxy and are influenced by the best of both traditions- those militants who have defended Revolutionary and Internationalist positions whatever the consequences. The article below will expand on this in more depth. Due to time constraints this article has not been fully discussed by the whole organissation so will inevitably be biased towards the politics of the individuals writing it. For a fully discussed overview of our politics we refer you to Beyond Resistance.

We have chosen the word Anarchist to stand apart from the leftists who continue to sell out our class and to show our commitment to the idea of ‘Direct Action’, the tool with which we (the working class! - not an elite working on our behalf) can smash capitalism and free humanity.

The AF with continue the work of the ACF fighting for a classless and moneyless society – Anarchist Communism!

Join the Resistance, join the Anarchist Federation!

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