Anarchist Federation bulletin - Resistance 88 - October 2006


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In the October 2006 Resistance:



* DEFY-ID - anti-ID national gathering to take place in Nottingham in November.

* HOTTING UP IN CHILE – squat raid by police and intelligence, aimed at anarchist network.

* STEALING OUR FREEDOM AND IDENTITY – ID cards under Labour and Tories.

* SEND SHELL TO SEA – Latest from Rossport camp – attempts to restart pipeline work.

* DRAX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE – Report from the climate camp in Yorkshire.

* A TALE OF TWO DEMOS – anti-war protests in Manchester during Labour conference.

* SUBVERT – Events for October.





While the conflict between Israel, Lebanon and Palestine continues as a

temporary stand off, the superpowers do nothing but give the green light to

Israeli attacks. As anarchists, we refuse to see this as a war between

nations. The real oppressors here are the ruling classes, the ones in

command of the armies, the ones with the weapons, the ones with the mass

propaganda machines that generate enormous popular support from angry and

displaced peoples, regardless of the cause.


States and their stooges


The Israeli government and Israeli Defence Force, nothing more than a long

arm of  the Western ruling classes, coupled with the Iranian ruling class

and the Hezbollah as their proxy army, do nothing but bring death and

oppression to the working class people of the region. While the illusion

maintained is that of Olmert and the IDF bravely standing up for the freedom

of Israeli citizens, or the Iranian-controlled Hezbollah defending the

helpless Lebanese civilians from the ever-mightier invader, the reality is

that neither of these “noble” organisations help working class people beyond

what is necessary, beyond what they need for maintained support.


Mutual aid in the war zone


While the IDF destroys whole Palestinian villages with Caterpillar

bulldozers bought from Western companies, and the Hezbollah fires

Iranian-made rockets into Israeli residential areas, the organisations who

really strive to make a difference are the grassroots ones, ones without

leaders, run by the people who need them and for the people who need them.

There is the Sanayeh Relief Centre in Beirut, which operates out of schools

and is run by volunteers, giving refugees from Southern Lebanon shelter,

food, and medical and psychological support. There is al Badil al Chououii

al Taharruri, or Libertarian Alternative, whose analysis of the situation is

an important and valid one. In Palestine and Israel there are the Anarchists

Against the Wall, a group of Israeli, Palestinian and international

anarchists who work directly with Palestinian communities threatened by the

apartheid wall, using methods of direct action and protest to dismantle

fences that separate villages from their crops. These organisations and more

like them deserve and need our support.


Sanayeh Relief Centre:


Anarchists Against the Wall:





The Nottingham group of the Defy-ID network will be hosting a national

meeting to discuss opposition to ID cards and the National Identity

Register. The meeting, happening in November, will provide information about opposing

ID, a chance to share resources and ideas and also to meet and discuss with

other anti-ID campaigners.


Nottingham Defy-ID will be providing a brief recap on legislation so far,

but say that a small amount of background knowledge on the issue would be

helpful (see Nottingham Defy-ID bulletins for more information, available

from their website). The meeting is open to all, but is particularly

intended for those who are already active or looking to get involved with

the struggle against ID cards.


A spokesperson for the group said: “This is not so much a public meeting to

discuss the overall implications of the ID scheme, but as a planning day of

how we are going to stop it.”


The meeting will take place on Saturday, 25th November 2006 at The Sumac

Centre, Nottingham, starting at 11am. Food will be available as well as the

possibility of lift shares and basic accommodation.


For full details of the day, as well as posters and flyers to advertise the

event, visit:





On September 26th, special forces of the police broke into a squatted house

in downtown Santiago, and six people, were detained. Police say that molotov

bombs and all the stuff required to prepare them were found in the place.

Empty bottles (who doesn't have them at home?), kerosene, sawdust (used for

catlitter) and of course "subversive material": zines, posters, banners,

books, and videos. Four ready made bombs were found, according to police.

All the four bombs were allegedly to be used in the protest organized for

that day by teachers and high school students’ organisations.


This is an intelligence operation directed by the Vicepresident himself

together with A.N.I. (National Agency of Intelligence), a sinister

institution that resembles the ones that operated during the Pinochet

dictatorship. Of course, this is just one part of the operation, they have

been filming during protests, investigating activist groups, infiltrating

grassroots movements. We suddenly start to hear and see on television that

"anarchists” are responsible for all kinds of destructive actions during

protests. This year has been tough for the public image of anarchists in

Chile. What used to be "infiltrators" in protests are now identified as

"anarchists", which is, at least in the mass media, new.


"A network of anarchist activists has been dismantled", said the General

Director of Carabineros (Police). "We've seen this for a long time, [these

people] breaking into authorized protests, with their faces covered and

molotov bombs". Belisario Velasco, the Vicepresident said "intelligence

operations are being developed by the Police and the Investigation Bureau

and some houses where molotov bombs are being produced have already been

identified and will be raided soon"


President Bachelet was satisfied with all the operation. She said that the

government is "going to do whatever is necessary to preserve the rights, not

only of those who want to express themselves, but also of the ones who want

to live in peace and quiet”. This is what democracy looks like.





Just over a decade ago, the Conservative Party very nearly gave us ID cards

when Michael Howard was Home Secretary under John Major’s government. But

they ran out of time and Labour won the 1997 election. Since the ID Card Act

became law in March this year Tony Blair has said it will be a "major plank"

of Labour's next election manifesto, whilst heir-apparent Gordon Brown aims

to increase even further the use of ID databases by private companies like

banks and supermarkets.


It's clear that both main parties have a history of repression when in

power, whatever they say in opposition. This makes it all the more annoying

that No2ID, the so-called ‘non-partisan’ campaign against ID cards, seem to

want to convince us that the Tories have changed and will scrap it if they

win the next election. Don’t believe a word of it – anything we hear from

now on will be electioneering rubbish. Conservative MP Anne Widdecome voted

in favour of Labour's identity scheme on many occasions. On the other hand

Labour politicians like Frank Field strongly supported ID even when the

Tories were in power, when we were led to believe New Labour policy was

against. This is the same Merseyside MP who stamped on the unemployed by

supporting Tory work-for-dole schemes which carried over into the Job

Seeker’s Allowance, and is now very vocal about keeping migrant workers out

of Britain.


Also, if we go back to 1995 we see that the reasons why the Conservatives

wanted ID cards then - crime, fraud, illegal immigration -  are all part of

Labour’s justifications for ID except they have now added terrorism &

security. As the human rights organisation Liberty said at the time, "They

are not backed up by research or evidence from other countries, but are

myths masquerading as arguments. "This is exactly what anarchists are saying

now about the 'terror threat' whereas Liberty, now a supporter of No2ID, 

have moved their arguments to saying ID cards 'won't work', which is not at

all the same as saying these justifications are a complete sham.

There are some other differences from eleven years ago. Labour is most keen

on using an ID system to help 'modernise’ the welfare state. So they are

prepared to spend billions of pounds on tracking our every move, whereas

Tories are traditionally more into direct cuts. Cash handouts to private

companies and consultants all add to the overall cost, as do the biometrics

(fingerprinting and eye-scanning) equipment they intend to use. Britain has

led the call for high-tech passport and identity schemes across Europe. The

Home Office admits it spent £46 million on its ID project between May 2003

and May 2006, most of it before the ID Cards Bill was passed in March! As

well as using databases to help control spending on public services, Labour

no doubt sees contracts for British telecoms and security industries as a

boost to the economy, one that we will all pay for of course, both in our

pockets and by our loss of freedom.






Shell are currently attempting to resume control of their refinery

construction site at Ballinaboy, Mayo in the west of Ireland. Building has

been shut down by pickets since the beginning of July 2005.


Protests at the site began after five residents were imprisoned for opposing

Shell’s plans to devastate the area with a refinery complex and production

gas pipeline.


From Monday the 11th of September onwards we have been on a heightened

state of alert in Mayo.


At most crucial moments this has involved people staying up all night to

keep watch on the gates of the onetime refinery construction site in

Ballinaboy, and the picket there starting up at between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

instead of between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. with numbers at around one hundred

rather than the usual half a dozen. Last Tuesday September 26th the cops and

Shell sub-contractors arrived, but were turned away.

When they don’t show up the situation is not that they are not trying to get

in. Each day they are being stopped.


You can be sure that numbers at the picket are being checked each day and

that various means are being employed to lessen the mobilisation, such as

smear stories in the media, an increased police presence, intimidatory

intelligence gathering, extra security guards.


This is a test of determination and resilience. The sub-contractors have

been mobilised to be ready to enter the site. This is an attack, for the

most part not very spectacular but very real nonetheless.

At the time of writing - the 3rd of October - police, brought in from around

the country, are gathering in a nearby town, mostly likely to attempt to

break the picket.


Shell’s currently published schedule had them doing preparatory civil

engineering works and water treatment from September onwards, peat removal

in spring 07, and full scale refinery construction in mid July 07.

One analysis has it that it is crucial for them to sort out the water-logged

almost lake like mess the site has become, which is only going to become

worse as winter beckons, hence the current push.

Solidarity actions at the premises of Shell or the Irish state are very



More information see: or call (00353) 857629614


Shell to Sea Campaign, public meeting:

Two speakers from the Rossport Solidarity Camp will be speaking in

Manchester on 2nd November 2006. The meeting will start at 7.30pm at The

Basement, 24 Lever Street (off Piccadilly Gardens).






Late August saw the establishment of a Climate Camp in the Yorkshire

countryside. The Camp consisted of workshops for people involved in

environmental issues and culminated in the blockading of the coal-fired

power station, Drax, and a nuclear power station in Hartlepool. The message

was clear: we have to find alternative, renewable and clean fuel sources

now, but the nuclear option is not acceptable. A wide-variety of different

types of people attended, from those who wanted to share ideas to angry

activists eager to make a stand against big business and government wrecking

both the planet and people’s lives.


Bolting for cover!


The Camp received a fair amount of media attention, including a smear

campaign on the part of the news agency Reuters. The agency circulated a

photograph of a violent looking ‘protester’ being arrested. In fact, it was

a farmer who had driven his tractor at a group of activists! In another

Reuters story, dozens of people were arrested for carrying concealed and

offensive weapons, when in fact these were tools to be used on the actions:

bolt croppers are for taking down fences, Reuters, not for attacking people,

and the arrests were mostly only for tresspass anyway.


Doing it our way


One reason why the camp was considered so threatening, aside from its

targeting of the power stations, is perhaps that it demonstrated that 600

people can establish a sustainable living space and organise themselves in

effective action on non-hierarchical lines. The camp consisted of

‘neighbourhoods’ as centres for decision making. Each day issues affecting

the whole camp would be discussed (for example, should cops be let on site

and under what circumstances, which occupied rather more of the business of

the meetings than some would have liked). Two delegates were then chosen by

each neighbourhood to take its opinion to a larger meeting of delegates, who

would discuss the matter further and decide what to do.

The open nature of the decision making made it easy to feel involved in the

camp. Although much advance planning had obviously taken place (the site

squatted and made habitable, and the possible focus of demonstrations

explored, for example) new-comers were not excluded from contributing. The

decision making suited the nature of the camp. Large numbers of people

needed to make rapid decisions but over a relatively short period of time.

As such it avoided unnecessary bureaucratic inertia. It demonstrates one of

the ways forward in organising non-hierarchically in campaigning and in

action on other issues relevant to working class people.

For more information visit:






September’s Labour Party Conference in Manchester saw several demonstrations

against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and against Labour’s policies in

Britain.  Members and supporters of the Anarchist Federation joined in on a

number of them.


On Saturday 23rd September, thousands of people marched on the CND/Stop The

War “Time to Go” demo.  The Anarchist Federation had worked hard with our

friends in the Solidarity Federation to organise a very successful anarchist

block of over 100 people on this march.  We made flags and placards and

distributed thousands of copies of anarchist literature to fellow



The following Wednesday a much smaller rally took place near the Town Hall

in Manchester. Around 70 people met to protest about Labour’s war, health

and asylum policies.  This time the police reacted heavy-handedly. The small

group, including people with children and walking sticks were surrounded by

hundreds of cops.


Indymedia reported, “Then they decided, for whatever reason, to shove people

as hard as they could into a smaller cordon area, and add a second ring of

police. Several protesters were badly shaken, and the police narrowly missed

shoving young children and elderly campaigners. A group of students who were

trying to stick together were shoved against a tree, and were forcibly

separated. The police then began trying to clear onlookers to prevent people

seeing what was going on.


When the situation nearly stabilised, senior police were seen and heard

discussing how to get into the cordon to arrest "ring leaders", and cameras

were shoved in the face of anyone trying to reason with the officers.

Protesters were allowed to disperse for a short while, from the end of the

cordon farthest from the fence. Then this was stopped for some time, as the

protesters who managed to leave were deemed too dangerous. Later, protesters

were allowed out in pairs to disperse. Some took refuge in the Friends’

Meeting House, while some officers stood on the doorstep. Others were

followed for some time.





Solidarity needed for anarchists in The Philippines


The 'Sagada 11' are a group of anarchist prisoners falsely accused of taking

part in attacks by communist guerillas on a military outpost in the northern

Philippines. Please spread information about this case as much as possible -

they have been in prison for 7 months now, and have received very little

international support.


Darwin Alagar, Cell 1 (age 21);

Rundren Lao, Cell 3 (age 24);

Jefferson Dela Rosa, Cell 3 (age 22);

Metro Villegracia, Cell 4 (age 24);

Neil Russell Balajadia, Cell 5 (age 25);

Ronron Pandino, Cell 8 (age 23);

Arvie Nunez, Cell 8 (age 23);

Aldous Christian Mafosa , Cell 9 (age 19);

Anderson Alonzo, Cell 12 (age 18).


Mail can be sent to: [name and cell number], c/o Jail Warden James Simon,

Benguet Provincial Jail, Justice Hill, La Trinidad, Benguet 2601,



Support: All of the prisoners read at least some English, and they are very

interested in connecting with other anarchists, learning about punk and

activism, as well as daily life, around the world. Gig posters and photos,

flyers, stickers, patches and shirts would also be very well received. Bear

in mind though, that they are accused of being communist guerillas and

overtly political material could be used against them. The solidarity

actions that have happened in the past have meant a lot to them, and would

make a difference, especially if they could be sent photographs. Also, funds

are needed for basic neccesities, transportation and lodging for friends and

family to visit, which also greatly assists their legal process, as the

lawyers prefer to deal only with relatives. For information on how to send

money or other items to Manila, contact Solidarity South Pacific at



Polish anti-fascist jailed


Igor Kisielewicz, 24 yrs old antifa activist and ex-squatter from DeCentrum

was few days ago arrested and sentenced to 3 months of prison. 3 years ago

he was fined 1000 zlotys (about 250 euro) for the beating up of nazi scum in

his home village. He applied to change it into social work, which was

granted, but in a meantime he started education and work in Bialystok and

didn’t report for social work in his village. As a result court decided to

change it into three months of prison. Igor needs letters of support.

Igor Kisielewicz, syn Aleksandra, Zaklad Karny, Grady Woniecko 34, 18-312

Rutki Kossaki, Poland.



SUBVERT – Events for October


When going on demonstrations stay sober, don’t talk to the police and if

you’re arrested give only your name and address then say ‘no comment’ to any

other questions. For more info visit:




6th – Film night for Sack Parliament Demo: Part of the 'weekend of

resistance' in build up for Sack Parliament on Monday 9th October. 7pm at

the London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel,

London E1 1ES. Phone: 020 7377 9088

Free/donation. Check for programme and details.


7th - Migrants on the march for their rights: In London, Assemble 12.00pm,

Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ and in Glasgow, Assemble

12.00pm, George Square, Glasgow. See more see and


7th - 70th Anniversary of Cable Street Comemoration: Gig - and to raise

awareness of the growing right wing threat worldwide today. Organised by

Antifa U.K. with Inner Terrestrials, PAIN, Liberty, Fear of Fear, Headjam,

Beyond Repair, Bottlejob and Moral Dilemma. 5pm 1am Chat's Palace, 42-44

Brooksby's Walk, Homerton, London. £6 - with proceeds to Antifa. For more info



7-8th - Training days for Sack Parliament:

Part of the 'weekend of resistance' in build up for Sack Parliament on

Monday 9th October. A second training day for those who couldn't make the

first with workshops including: Affinity groups, medic/ trauma, legal, mass

action, autonomous actions. Bring ideas and food to share. 10am-4pm at

RampART (not LARC) 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA, free entry, email web


9th - Sack Parliament Demo: Over the past few years the UK parliament and

government have led this country into war upon war, torn up age-old rights

and made the division between rich and poor to grow ever wider. MPs and

Lords return from their summer recess on October 9th. We need to ensure they

can’t get back inside Parliament. Take part! Stop them continuing their

wars. 1pm Houses of Parliament, London. web email web


21st - Anarchist Bookfair: at the 25th Annual Anarchist Bookfair you'll find

all things anarchist including books, pamphlets, t-shirts and other

paraphernalia. Visit the Anarchist Federation stall. 10am-7pm, at the

Voluntary Sector Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Rd, London, N7 6PA. Tube -

Holloway Road.





The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchists

aiming to abolish capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal

society. This is Anarchist Communism.


We see today’s society as being divided into two main opposing classes: the

ruling class which controls all the power and wealth, and the working class

which the rulers exploit to maintain this. By racism, sexism and other forms

of oppression, as well as war and environmental destruction the rulers

weaken and divide us. Only the direct action of working class people can

defeat these attacks and ultimately overthrow capitalism.


As the capitalist system rules the whole world, its destruction must be

complete and world wide. We reject attempts to reform it, such as working

through parliament and national liberation movements, as they fail to

challenge capitalism itself. Unions also work as a part of the capitalist

system, so although workers struggle within them they will be unable to

bring about capitalism’s destruction unless they go beyond these limits.

Organisation is vital if we’re to beat the bosses, so we work for a united

anarchist movement and are affiliated to the International of Anarchist



The Anarchist Federation has members across Britain and Ireland fighting for

the kind of world outlined above.


If you’re interesting in joining contact us at:


Anarchist Federation,


London,  WC1N 3XX.


Also visit: and


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