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iaf-ifa principles


The International of Anarchist Federations (IAF - IFA) is an international organisation of anarchist federations which, through its statement of principles and action is related to the principles of the First International set up in Saint-Imier (Switzerland) in 1872.

The IAF - IFA fights for :

- the abolition of all forms of authority whether economical, political, social, religious, cultural or sexual.
- the construction of a free society, without classes or States or frontiers, founded on anarchist federalism and mutual aid.

The action of the IAF - IFA shall always be based on direct action, against parliamentarism and reformism, both on a theoretical and practical point of view.

The federations joining the IAF - IFA commit themselves to develop the most efficient solidarity amongst them in all fields of activity, to cooperate and co-ordinate any initiative, to provide a regular aid to the IAF - IFA and its secretariat, to develop, at a world level, the anarchist action. Every federation being autonomous concerning its propaganda and its development.


To join the IAF - IFA a federation must :

- acknowledge the statement of principles and the action of the IAF - IFA as defined by the congresses.
- present its demand for membership to the secretariat which is committed to communicate it to all the members of the IAF - IFA. If no opposition from an adherent federation is raised within the next six months, the membership immediately becomes effective. The latter will have to be unanimously ratified by the next congress. If an opposition is raised, only the congress can reconsider the demand for membership.

Membership implies the payment of a subscription the amount of which being determined by the congress.

The IAF - IFA wishes that only one federation should exist in a country. Nevertheless since not acknowledging the political geography imposed by States, it agrees with the constitution of different federations within one same territory providing the existing federation, member of the IAF - IFA, raises no opposition.

The IAF - IFA accepts the membership of plurinational federations that wish by that means to develop the exercise of anarchist internationalism within contiguous geographical or linguistic areas.

Should the secretariat be aware of durable and confirmed inactivity from a member federation, it is committed to inform every member of the IAF - IFA. If no objection is raised by any member federation within the next six monts, the resignation will become effective. The resignation will have to be unanimously ratified by the next congress. If an opposition is raised, only the congress can reconsider the resignation.

Should a resumption of activity be notified, that federation may propose its application for membership to the IAF - IFA in accordance with the statement of principles.

In the absence of any federate organisation at a national level, groups may also join the IAF - IFA, providing they commit themselves to the creation of a federation within the boundaries of the territory they refer to. That membership is but provisory, the IAF - IFA reserving the right, within the frame of the congress, to reconsider such membership if it has not led up to the constitution of a federation. The new federation must apply for membership to the IAF - IFA.


The IAF - IFA fosters cordial links with the whole anarchist movement in its fight against all forms and structures of domination (exchanges of information, solidarity, etc.) and may invite its delegations to attend its sessions.


The IAF - IFA gathers in a congress, every three years. The congress unanimously decides on the orientations and lines of action for the IAF - IFA.

One year before it gathers, a meeting of the secretariat and the people in charge of the international relations in the different federations, will define the agenda, the date and place of the IAF - IFA congress.

The congress debates on the initiatives of the organisation and unanimously entrusts a member federation to name the members of the IAF - IFA secretariat which task is to put into practice the mandates defined by the congress.


The secretariat has the task to take care of the relations with the person in charge of international matters in each federation. They will meet together and/or within geographical areas every six months.

The secretariat represents the IAF - IFA and has the task to work to its influence and development.

Furthermore :

- it stimulates contacts and internal debates of the IAF - IFA.
- it advertises the cases for which it is necessary to develop international aid.
- it publishes a federal bulletin, point of reference for correspondence and internal debate in the organisation.
- it takes care of the publication of propaganda, material linked with the resolutions and actions of the IAF - IFA.
- it gives an account of its activities and of the execution of its mandates.

The secretariat presents itself as resigning before the congress.


Not to respect the practical or ethical commitments listed above calls into question, de facto, the membership to the IAF - IFA. That shall be ratified by the next congress.


Any proposal concerning a modification to the statement of principles hereby has to be presented to all federations members of the IAF - IFA at least one year before the congress that will examine it.