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Belarus _appeal for Solidarity 31st March

On March 31st we appeal to you to join the action of solidarity with hundreds of Byelorussian political prisoners. They were arrested during the protests against the falsified elections. That day,31 March, is the inauguration of the "first forever" president of Belarus – Lukashenko. In protest of that we are arranging a broad action, which has been named "Black mark for Rygorych" (nickname of Lukashenko). The goal of the action is the following: people throughout the world will hang out black ribbons in different cities during the day. The ribbons will be hung on the trees, fences, in public transport, metro etc. These actions will take place close to the Byelorussian embassies in different countries. That date we kindly call you to come to protest against the political repression in Belarus and also to cover an embassy of Belarus and its neighbourhood with the black ribbons. We want your action to be published in the press. We need your solidarity now!

Belarus Anarchist Federation