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IFA communication on the events in Greece in May 2010

At the CRIFA meeting in Berlin, 9 May 2010, in the presence of the IFA delegations from the Italian, French, Iberian, German and British federations, the international secretariat and the Slovenian observer federation.

The federations express their full-fledged solidarity with the workers´ and peoples´ struggles against the massive and violent political and economic attacks orchestrated to perpetuate the profit margins and privileges of the dominant class.

We support the need for unity between all proletarians in the country affected by the current crisis in their common and fraternal struggle.

The federations express their total solidarity with the families and friends of the victims of the tragic events which occurred in Athens; however, we reject all instrumentalisation of the events by the Greek government, and the international organisations which support it, which seek to place responsibility for the violent and disastrous effects of their antisocial politics on the opposition movement.

Following the events in Greece, we call for the utmost vigilance and mobilisation against all repressive and authoritarian maneuvering which aims to suffocate all aspiration towards self-organisation and the struggle for social justice and freedom.