The Anarchist Federation in Oldham and Manchester says:

Stop the Killing, Stop this War!

Following the atrocities carried out on the 11th of September our rulers have decreed that we are at war, they tell us this is to secure "freedom, democracy and civilisation" and that these can only be safeguarded by the killing of yet more people and the putting of our own lives in the firing line for them.

The Anarchist Federation in Oldham and Manchester says this is nonsense and our rulers' war should be opposed.

The inevitable deaths of civilians in Afghanistan will only lead to more hatred being directed against the United States and its allies not less and this will highten the chances of more terrorist attacks being commited and the suffering of yet more working people, no matter which passport they hold.

The United States Government in a bid to control as much of the world as possible for it's capitalist paymasters has supported some of the most oppressive regimes on the planet, has overthrown popular governments in order to install its own puppets and allowed the suffering of millions for the enrichment of a few, it is not the champion of freedom it is portraying itself to be, in fact one time U$ ruler Ronald Reagan once described Osamar Bin Laden as "the moral equivalent of the founding fathers". How our rulers change their tunes when it suits them!

We wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities perpertrated against the American people on the 11th of September precisely because it is the people themselves who suffered and who will continue to do so, but in attacking Afghanistanis the United States Government and it allies are only increasing the suffering of yet more working people and are doing nothing to eradicate the causes of such hatred that led to the September 11 atrocities in the first place.

This war will do NOTHING to stop terrorism!

Under this capitalist system it is us, the workers, who always suffer; when it is war it is us who are killed, when it is peace it is us who lose our jobs and are thrown on the economic scrap heap while they the leaders and bosses play their global power games and cash in. War is good for the State and the bosses, especially in times of an economic slowdown which is exactly what we are experiencing. War allows them to pump the money they have stolen from us in taxes directly into the pockets of their friends in big business; the arms manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank and helping to prop up the stock exchange while we are thrown on the dole and into poverty.

War allows them to divert our attention away from the causes of our misery (them) by labeling anyone who says "no" to their dictacts as unpatriotic.

It is obvious that our rulers have no interest in extending freedom, they have used the fear they have created to call for identity cards, the changing of the human rights act, more police and other measures to erode what little freedoms we have under this system; these will do NOTHING to stop the crashing of planes into buildings but they will be very useful for the State in clamping down on internal dissent and the possible fight back against job losses by the working people who suffer them.

This war, like all wars, has been called by our rulers, those who claim to represent us yet never care what we think, never allow us a say in the running of our lives.

This war is their war and it will be raged against the working people of this earth. It will be us who suffer, us who lose our lives and our livelihoods, us who pay the price for their power struggles and their killing.

Together we can say no, together we can take back the world from them and we must begin by stopping their war, stopping their killings; only then will the words "freedom, democracy and civilisation" have any true meaning.

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