the Anarchist Federation in Manchester

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What We Want

We aim to be part of the movement to abolish capitalism and all oppression and to create a free communist society.  This is anarchist communism.

We see today's society as being divided into two main opposing camps: the ruling class, which controls all the power and wealth, and the working class, which the rulers exploit to maintain this.  By racism, sexism and other forms of oppression, as well as war and environmental destruction, the rulers weaken and divide us.  Only the direct action of working class people can defeat these attacks and ultimately overthrow capitalism. As the capitalist system rules the whole world, its destruction must be complete and world wide.  We reject attempts to reform it, such as working through parliament and national liberation movements, as they fail to challenge capitalism itself.  Unions also work as part of the capitalist system, so although workers struggle within them, they will be unable to bring about capitalism's destruction unless they go beyond these limits.

Organisation is vital  if we're to beat the bosses, so we work for a united anarchist movement and are affiliated to the International of Anarchist Federations.  For a detailed description of our politics, read our Aims and Principles or one of the pamphlets on this site.