The War Against Iraq

What Are You Going to Do?



The person above has been burned to death. The photo was taken in 1991 as this man, probably a conscripted soldier, was retreating from Kuwait City, back to his home and family, after the war. As he travelled back to the family he was forced to leave by Saddam Hussein, American pilots bombed him and thousands of other retreating soldiers and civilians, burning them all to death.

Blair and Bush tell us that the war they want to start in Iraq is all about freedom and ending world terrorism. They tell us that Iraq is a world threat. They want you to think that "Iraq" is the same as "Saddam Hussein". They want you to forget that any war in Iraq is going to kill thousands of Iraqi people. People. Like you and your family. What are you going to do about it?

This is what Bush and Blair want you to forget:

The bombing of the Al-Amiriya bunker, killing about 400 women and children. Hereís an eyewitness description from a western journalist:

"Nearly all the bodies were charred into blackness; in some cases the heat had been so great that entire limbs were burned off. Among the corpses were those of at least six babies and ten children, most of them so severely burned that their gender could not be determined. rescue workers collapsed in grief, dropping corpses; some rescuers vomited from the stench of the still smouldering bodies."

British and American planes bombed civilian installations such as water treatment plants; schools; hospitals; gas and electricity generators. The Clark commission concluded that these attacks had violated the Geneva Convention which bans countries from attacking objects that the civilian population needs to survive.

Approximately 1.8 million Iraqi civilians have died since the war because of US and UK actions. HALF A MILLION of these people have been aged under five years old. The US Secretary of State said that she thought that Ďthe price is worth ití. Try and picture FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND mothers crying over their dead babies. Worth it?

During the Gulf War, the US and UK dropped enough bombs on Iraq to equal seven Hiroshimas. Most of these were old fashioned, hideously inaccurate bombs. Hereís another western journalist:

ĎAfter 20 minutes of this carpet bombing, there would be a silence and you would hear the screaming of children and people, and then the wounded would be dragged out. I found myself with everyone else trying to treat the injuries, but the state of people generally was one of pure shock. They were walking around like zombies.í

Two days before the end of the war, American soldiers were kept busy at night. They drove bulldozers and buried Iraqi troops alive in their trenches. Not one of these vehicles was hit by enemy fire, which side were the terrorists?

You are probably already against murdering innocent people in far away countries. You are probably against sending British soldiers to die and kill just so the USA can dominate the oil market. But your MP wonít be representing you. Here in the UK, our "Labour" party is more right wing than ever. What Tony says is what the Party does. Tony listens to George. George listens to the voice of US business. Nobody will listen to you...

...unless you DO something! In the AF, we believe that itís a waste of time hoping to change something by lighting candles or writing to MPs. Our suggestion is that if you are opposed to mass murder and you feel you should do something, you should do something that is hard to ignore. We are calling on the people to register their anger by participating in acts of civil disobedience. Donít go to work on the day of the war, go to your local MPís house or office and protest. When you go back to work, make sure that you find other people who also disagree with this war. Put up posters, call meetings, block roads, picket army recruitment offices, write your opposition on the walls, confront your MP at his surgery. Donít let him support murder without feeling some heat in return.


And weíre harder to ignore if we act together. If you want to get in contact with us, please write to the e-mail address below. You can also send post to AF, PO Box 127, Oldham, OL4 3FE.