ORGANISE! MAGAZINE INDEX – Issues 14 to 39 inclusive - Anarchist Federation


Issue 14 - IRELAND: 20 YEARS ON - Feb-April 1989. 1

Issue 15 - AFGHANISTAN : WHAT HOPE FOR THE FUTURE? - May-July 1989. 3

Issue 16 - POLL TAX: A BURNING ISSUE - Aug-Oct 1989. 4

Issue 17 -  Nov-Jan 1989/90. 5

Issue 18 - ALL CHANGE IN EASTERN EUROPE? - Feb-April 1990. 6

Issue 19 - AN ERUPTION OF CLASS ANGER - May-July 1990. 6

Issue 20 - THE CLASS STRUGGLE  IN IRELAND - Aug-Nov 1990. 7


Issue 22 - PRICE OF OIL GOES UP 1000 LIVES A BARREL! - March-May 1991. 9

Issue 23 - DESPAIR... OR REVOLT! - June-August 1991. 10

Issue 24 - INFANTILE DISORDER - Oct-Dec 1991. 11

Issue 25 - 1492 OLD WORLD ORDER/ 1992 NEW WORLD ORDER - Jan-Mar 1992  13


Issue 27 - L.A. RIOTS - July-Sept 1992. 15

Issue 28 - MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, IT’S A RICH MAN’S WORLD - Oct-Dec 1992  16

Issue 29 - WHEN THE MARCHING’S OVER, WHAT’S NEXT? - Jan-March 1993. 18



Issue 32 - WOMEN WORK - WHO GAINS? - Oct-Dec 1993. 22


Issue 34 - 1910 VIVE ZAPATA First time tragedy - 1994 VIVE ZAPATA Second Time...? - Apr-Jun 1994. 24


Issue 36 - PEACE OFF! - Oct-Dec 1994. 27

Issue 37 - PORNOGRAPHY EXPOSED - Jan-Mar 1995. 28

Issue 38 - THE COST Of MILITARISM- Apr-Jun 1995. 29

Issue 39 - PRISON SPECIAL - Summer 1995. 29


Issue 14 - IRELAND: 20 YEARS ON - Feb-April 1989


USA election opposition, “Will Bush be uprooted?”, N&A, #14, p3


Water privatisation, “Down the plug hole?”, N&A, #14, p3,4


Clause 28 and AIDS, “Fighting the bigots”, N&A, #14, p4


Pakistan elections, “Out of reaction and into compromise?”, Int, #14, p5


Troops in Ireland, “From imperialist war to class war”, Ft, #14, p6


Nature of unions, “What is the potential of rank and file action?”, Ft, #14, p7-9,12,13


Labour Party, “The myth of Labour's 'socialism'“, Ft, #14, p10,11


History of the Maknovist Movement (1918-21), (Peter Arshinov, Freedom Press), Rev, #14, p15


Crisis, (fiction, Fleetway Publications), Rev, #14, p16


In place of compromise - why we need a rank and file movement (pamphlet, Anarchist Workers Group), Rev, #14, p16


Anarchist Workers Group view on abortion (ref #13), “How do we fight for abortion provision?”, Let, #14, p17


View on Isreali state (ref #13), “Anti-Zionist or Anti-State?”, Let, #14, p17


Third world and health workers (ref #12), “Third World Debt?”, Let, #14, p18


Poll tax registration in England, Payment demands in Scotland, “What lies behind the poll tax?”, N&A, #14, p20





Education Reform Act, “The schooling business”, N&A, #15, p3


Anti-poll tax campaigns in Scotland, “Poll tax crunch point”, N&A, #15, p3,4


NHS health care, “Health 'shake-up'“,  N&A, #15, p4


Afghanistan and USSR, “Afghanistan: forwards backwards or sideways”, Int, #15, p5


Italian workers committees, “Self-organisation Italian style, Lessons of the worker's

Base Committees (COBAS)”, Ft, #15, p6,7


Housing Act and Housing Action Trusts, “Housing under threat”, Ft, #15, p8,9


An East German anarchist 1940-50s, “The dark night of Willi Jelinek”,  Ft, #15, p10


The Beatnigs,  (music, Alternative Tentacles),  Rev, #15, p11


One Step Beyond, or Smash the Revolutionary Communist Party, (pamphlet, Pirate Press/Phoenix Press), Rev, #15, p11


Attack International view on Ireland (ref #14), “Working class resistance”, Let, #15, p12


Anarchist Workers Group view on unions, “'Rank and file' debate”, Let, #15, p12,13


Anti-Clause 28 call for support, “Lesbian and Gay network”, Let,  #15, p13


ACF member view on Labour Party (ref #14), “Labour's 'socialism'“, Let, #15, p13,14


Pakistan elections, “Bhutto's election victory?”,  Let, #15, p14


Strike over National Dock Labour Scheme, “Dockers prepare for battle”, N&A, #15, p16



Issue 16 - POLL TAX: A BURNING ISSUE - Aug-Oct 1989


Industrial action; underground, oil rigs & docks, “An upsurge of Action”, N&A, #16, p3


Polish communist party and unions, “Poles apart”,  N&A, #16, p4


Poll tax non-payment in Scotland, “Mass non-payment takes off”, N&A, #16, p4,18


Spanish revolution, “'Don't abondon the streets!' The Friends of Durruti, and the events of May 1937 in Barcelona”, Ft, #16, p7,8


Women and homeworking, “Homeworkers: an invisible workforce”, Ft, #16, p9,12


International Monetary Fund and World Bank, “IMF: International Masters of Finance”, Ft, #16, p10,11


Dealing with crime, “Capitalism: The biggest crime of all”, Ft, #16, p13,14


The Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists (pamphlet re-publication, Workers Solidarity Movement), Rev, #16, p15,16


Breaking Free (The Adventures of Tintin), (fiction, Attack International), Rev, #16, p15


View on troops out of Ireland article (ref #14), “Unconditional support”, Let, #16, p16


Anarchist organisation, “Anarchy or Oligarchy?”, Let, #16, p17


Author point outs errors in Italian COBAS article (ref #15), “Whoops!”, Let, #16, p17


Direct Action Movement view on unions (ref #14), “Revolutionary Unionism?”, Let, #16, p17,18


Chinese student 'Democracy' movement, “China: in whose hands?”, Int, #16, p20



Issue 17 -  Nov-Jan 1989/90


British National Party rally, “Dewsbury: the rising tide of racism”, N&A, #17, p3


Police/army links in Northern Ireland, “RUC conspiracy”, N&A, #17, p3,4


Marxists in Cambodia, “Cambodian civil war”, N&A, #17, p4,12


Polish economy, “Solidarity promise to crush resistance”, Int, #17, p5


International Monetary Fund and World Bank, “IMF: Stitching up the world economy”, Int, #17, p6


The Left and the poll tax, “Militant and other parasites on the poll tax struggle”, Ft, #17, p7,10,11


Anarchist groups in Poland and USSR,  “Anarchism in the Eastern Bloc”, Ft, #17, p8,9


Barefoot Gen - life in Japan at end of WW2, (fiction, Keiji Nakazawa, Penguin), Rev, #17, p12


View on unions (ref #14, #16), “Anarchy, Syndicalism and revolution”, Let, #17,  p13


View on unions, “Workplace obsessed”, Let, #17, p13


View on Breaking Free as rank & file propaganda, “Tintin”, Let, #17, p13,14


Leicester anti-aparteid action, “Workers against aparteid”,  Let, #17, p14


View on anarchist organisation, “Oligarchy”, Let, #17, p14



Issue 18 - ALL CHANGE IN EASTERN EUROPE? - Feb-April 1990


Ambulance pay dispute, “999 crews move onto the offensive”, N&A, #18, p3,4


CIA and General Noriega, “US topple their Panamanian puppet”,  N&A, #18, p4,5


Deportation of immigrants from Hong Kong, “Hong Kong hypocrisy”, N&A, #18, p5


Russian revolution - Peter Arshinovs 1920's 'Two Octobers' document, “The real October of the workers and peasants” , Ft, #18, p6,7,12


End of the Cold War, “People Power?”, Ft, #18, p8-11


Workers Revolutionary Party and splits, “Gerry Healey: a red who's better dead”,  Ft, #18, p13,14


Open Letter to Comrade Lenin, (pamphlet reprint, Herman Gorter, Wildcat), Rev, #18, p14


Scotland Labour councils and poll tax, “Labour's poll tax panic”, N&A, #18, p15



Issue 19 - AN ERUPTION OF CLASS ANGER - May-July 1990


Anti-poll tax demos in England and the Left’s response, “Poll Tax fury” , N&A, #19, p3


Nelson Mandela released from prison in South Africa, “MANDELA: (not) talking about a revolution”, Int, #19, p4,5


Trafalger Square anti-poll tax riot account, “A rioter’s account sent anonymously to Organise”, Ft, #19, p6


Green policies, industry and technology worldwide, “Ecology and Class", Ft, #19, p7-9


March 31st 1990 Trafalger Square riot analysis, “The Poll Tax: The Peasants Revolt”, Ft, #19, p10-12


The Polish Anarchist Federation interview about Solidarity, “Polish anarchists begin to organise”, Ft, #19, p13,14


History of anarchism in Hungary up to 1990, “Creating a Hungarian anarchist movement”, Ft, #19, p14-16


Biography of B Traven and his novels, “B Traven: the voice of anger”, Rev, #19, p17


Ex-ACF member view  on strike strategies (ref #18), “How can the ambulance crews win?”, Let, #19, p18,19


Strangeways and other UK prisoner’s riots, “Prison riots erupt”, N&A, #19, p20



Issue 20 - THE CLASS STRUGGLE  IN IRELAND - Aug-Nov 1990


Poll tax riot arrests; press and Left response; defence campaign, “The State goes on the offensive”, N&A, #20, p3


Report from Trieste conference and ACF statement, “Anarchists from East and West meet”, N&A, #20, p4


Illiescu’s suppression of  ‘golani’ revolt, “Romania’s miners: Loyal thugs of the ruling class?”, Ft, #20, p5-7


Interview with Northern Irish socialist; ACF statement on Ireland, “Nationalism, repulicanism and the real class struggle in Ireland”, Ft, #20, p8-11


Poll tax non-payment in UK, “The poll tax flagship heads for the rocks”, Ft, #20, p12,13


Author point outs errors in  reply to ambulance strike letter, “Striking errors”, Let, #20, p14


View on accuracy of 3 statements (ref #14), “Ecology and Class”, Let, #20, p14


Call for letters of support for 2 Irish prisoners, “Irish prisoners”, Let, #20, p14


300th Anniversary of Orangeman’s Day, “From the Battle of the Boyne, to the Battle against the Bosses”, Ft, #20, p16





Oct 20th 1990 poll tax demo and riot, “Fighting on the poll tax front”, N&A,  #21,  p3


Thatcher, Howe, and European Union, “The fate of a European has-been”, N&A, #21, p4


Left’s support for Iraq in Gulf War, “Oh, oh, oh, what a lovely anti-imperialist war”, Ft, #21, p5-7


Kurdish oppression and history, “Hussein and the Kurds”, Ft, #21, p7


Post-cold war Russia, “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into Gorby”, Ft, #21, p8,9


History of Trotsky and Trotskyism, “Fifty years after Trotsky’s death: What’s left?”, Ft, #21, p10,11


Maoist coup in Peru, “The Shining Path: A road to disaster”,  Ft, #21, p12


View on over-population, “Class and ecology”, Let, #21, p14


Freedom Press view on ACF pamphlet: Role of the Revolutionary Organisation, “How do we organise”, Let, #21, p14


Poll tax resistance in courts and against bailiffs , “Poll Tax fury” , N&A, #21, p13,16



Issue 22 - PRICE OF OIL GOES UP 1000 LIVES A BARREL! - March-May 1991


Gulf War and international responses, “The Warfare State”, N&A, #22, p3,4


Effects of capitalist economy, “Bosses Crisis: who foots the bill”, N&A, #22, p4


General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) talks, “World Trade: a coming crisis”, Int, #22, p5


Pakistan and India conflict, “Sub-continent in crisis”, Int, #22, p5


Politics in South Asia, “Asia: Bangladesh”, Ft, #22, p6


History of Vietnam wars, “Vietnam - an American defeat”, Ft, #22, p6,11,12


Paris Commune 1871, “Vive la Commune!”, Ft, #22, p7,10


Poll tax local struggle, “Fight the Poll Tax: News from Leeds”, Ft, #22, p8-10


Alive, (international newsletter, Amsterdam), Rev, #22, p13


European Anarchism, (international newsletter, Spain) , Rev, #22, p13


Homelessness, “Housing in the nineties”, Ft, #22, p13,16


View on Imperialism, “The imperialist mentality”, Let, #22, p14


View on Gulf War, “War in the Gulf”, Let, #22, p14


Criticism of East European Anarchists (ref #16-20) & ACF reply, “Eastern Europe”, Let, #22, p14


Direct Democracy Network - call for participation & support, “Direct Democracy”, Let, #22, p14


Anti-Fascist Action and Football, “Racism in Football”, Ft, #22, p16



Issue 23 - DESPAIR... OR REVOLT! - June-August 1991


Defeat of Poll Tax & rise in VAT, “A Fairer Tax?”, N&A, #23, p3


Release of Guildford 4 & Birmingham 6, “The long arm of the state”, N&A, #23, p3,4


Defeat of Poll Tax & Thatcher, “Lessons of the Poll Tax victory”, N&A, #23, p4,5


British Pit Closures, “Just the Pits”, N&A,  #23, p5


Indian Reservation uprising in Canada/US border areas,  “Mohawks confront the state”, Ft, #23, p6,7


Green capitalism & eco-friendly products, “Ecology and Survivalism”, Ft, #23, p7


African National Congress, “ANC - New bosses in waiting”, Ft, #23, p8,9


Post-Gulf War Kurdish nationalism, “Imperialism and the Kurds”, Int, #23, p11

Interview on Iraq/Kurds/Religion/Gulf War, “Interview with Iraqi Exile”, Int, #23, p11,12


75th Anniversary of  Easter Uprising in Ireland, “1916 - A myth exploded”, Ft, #23, p12,13


At the Foot of the Wall, (proposed book by author of Durruti: The People Armed, Abel Paz), Rev, #23, p14


Paradise Referred Back: A radical look at the Green Party, (pamphlet, Larry O’Hara & Gary Matthews), Rev, #23, p14


Bangledesh cyclone disaster, “Bangladesh”, N&A, #23, p16



Issue 24 - INFANTILE DISORDER - Oct-Dec 1991


 Failed Stalinist coup in Soviet Union & left response, “Iron Felix in the scrapyard - piggies go to market”, N&A, #24, p3


Clause 25 of CJA and homosexuality, “The Moral Crusade Continues”, N&A, #24, p4


Effects of bank collapse, “BCCI and other hypocrites”, N&A, #24, p5


History of Militant/Revolutionary Socialist League, “Throughly rotten millie”, Ft, #24, p6


Children and anarchist communism, “Children: people  or property?”, Ft, #24, p7


Trends in modern capitalism/Introduction, “A new world of disorder - Anarchist Communism or Barbarism”, Ft, #24, p8,9


Trends in modern capitalism/Soviet Union, “The end of the old world order”, Ft, #24, p9,14


Reader’s article on revolutionary organisation & CPGB, “Hackneyed Hacks”, Ft, #24, p10,11


Pan African Congress and nationalism, “The politics of tribalism”, Int, #24, p11


Open Eye, (magazine, Reading), Rev, #24, p12


Terrorizing the Neighbourhood: American foreign policy in the post-Cold War era, (book, N.Chomsky, AK Press), Rev, #24, p12


Against Redistributing Poverty, (pamphlet, Wages for Housework Campaign), Rev, #24, p12


Views on soviet coup (ref  #24) & reply, “Soviet Union”, Let, #24, p13


View on troops out of Ireland & reply, “Northern Ireland”, Let, #24, p13


Error in Bangadesh article (ref #23)  pointed out, “Bangladesh”, Let, #24, p13


Comments on review of Paradise Referred Back (ref #23), “Reply by Green Flame”,  Let, #24, p13,14


Solidarity, Asp, #24, p16



Issue 25 - 1492 OLD WORLD ORDER/ 1992 NEW WORLD ORDER - Jan-Mar 1992


Analysis of Socialist Workers Party, “Labouring Under Illusions”, N&A,  #25, p3,4


Labour Party and Europe, “Any Labour equals real fraud”, N&A, #25, p4,6


Non-payment after Poll Tax defeat, “Supporting the Poll Tax Non-Payers”, N&A, #25, p5,6


Anarchist-Communist economics, “On Post-Revolutionary Economic Organisation”, Ft, #25, p7,8


Ideas of Darwin and Kropotkin, “Mutual Aid and Evolution”, Ft, #25, p9


History of Columbus and discovery of Americas, “1492 and beyond”, Ft, #25, p10


International drugs trade, “Drugs: Capitalism’s other economy”, Ft, #25, p11,12


Interview with Cordillera People’s Alliance, “Mining and Native People’s Resistance in the Philippines”, Int, #25, p12,13


Single European Market 1992, “The Barons of Capital and their New Fortress”, Int, #25, p14


Trends in modern capitalism/World Trade, “The End of the Old World Economy”, Int, #25, p15,16


US profits in Gulf War, “The peace goes to war”,  Int, #25, p16


Results of Organise! Questionaire, #25, p17


View on fighting fascism, “Fascism”, Let, #25, p18


ACF reply to letter (ref #24) on review of Paradise Referred Back (ref #23), “Reply to Green Flame”,  Let, #25, p18


Cornelius Castoriadis,  Political and Social Writings Vol 1. 1946-1955. From the Critique of Bureaucracy to the Positive Content of Socialism, (collection of writings, Minnesota), Rev, #25, p18


Freedom, Asp, #25, p20





Criticism of IRA killings, “The Provos and the building workers”,   N&A, #26, p3,4


Yeltsin’s Soviet Union, “Looking at the coffin: collapse of the Soviet  Union”, N&A, #26, p4,5


Murray Bookchin’s influence on US greens, “Introduction to the US green anarchists”,  Int, #26, p6,7


Critique of lifestylist politics, “Is lifestylism enough?” , Ft, #26, p7


Anarchism and women’s liberation, “Women and Revolution”, Ft, #26, p8-10


Attitudes to present day struggles, propaganda , “A culture of resistance”,  Ft, #26, p12


Patents and biotechnology, “Intellectual Property is Theft”, Ft, #26,  p12,13


Decision making after the revolution, “Decision-making”, Ft, #26, p13-15


Emperor’s New Clothes, (book , Help End Marijuana Prohibition), Rev, #26, p15


Left-wing Communism in Britain 1917-21, (Bob Jones, Pirate Press), Rev, #26, p15-16


Out of the Ghetto, (Joe Jacobs, Phoenix Press), Rev, #26, p16


Anarchist Year Book 1992, (AK Press), Rev, #26, p16


Comments on Mutual Aid and Evolution article (ref #25) & author’s reply, “Mutual aid”, Let, #26, p17


Criticism of Poll Tax non-payment article (ref #25), “Poll Tax”,  Let, #26, p17


Subversion criticism of 1492 & Philippines articles (refs #25) & authors’ replies,  “National Liberation?”, Let, #26, p17,18


Support for SWP ‘voting without illusions’ (ref  #25),  & reply, “Vote Labour But?”, Let, #26, p18


Criticism of Clause 25 article (ref #24) & reply, “Gay Liberation”, Let, #26, p18


Direct Action, Asp, #26, p20



Issue 27 - L.A. RIOTS - July-Sept 1992


Los Angeles riots, “No Justice! NoPeace!! Los Angeles Riots”, N&A, #27, p3,4


Strikes against against unification, “Germany”, N&A, #27, p5


Workers’ Party split in Ireland, “Tanks for the memory”, Ft, #27, p6


Anarchist writer  Colin Ward on voting, “Promising the moon”, Ft, #27, p7


War in Yugoslavia, “Yugobarbarism”, Ft, #27, p8,9


Post-election Labour Party, “Labour Pains”, Ft, #27, p10


Malcolm X biography, “Malcolm X and Black Nationalism”, Ft, #27, p10,14


Equal Opportunities and class, “Opportunity Knocks!”, Ft, #27, p11


Anarchists and Unions, “Organising in the Workplace”, Ft, #27, p12


Anarchy in the USSR. A New Beginning, (collection of documents, Phil Ruff ed., ASP), Rev, #27, p13


Poll Tax Rebellion, (book, Danny Burns, AK Press and Attack International), Rev, #27, p13


Unfinished Business: The politics of Class War, (book, Class War Federation, AK Press), Rev, #27, p13


Anti-vote rant, “Secret Ballot”, Let, #27, p14


View in favour of free-access to resources after the revolution (Ref #26), “Money?”, Let, #27, p14


Czech criticism of lack of East Europe articles in Organise!, “Letters from abroad”, Let, #27, p14


New Moscow contact, “Letters from Abroad”, Let, #27, p14


French  praise of theory articles in Organise!, “Letters from Abroad”, Let, #27, p14


Federalism, Asp, #27, p16



Issue 28 - MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, IT’S A RICH MAN’S WORLD - Oct-Dec 1992


European Exchange Rate Mechanism, “Ermmm... what is ERM?”, N&A, #28, p3,4


Work and re-emergence of Keynian economy, “Down the Plug Hole”, N&A, #28, p4,5


Earth Summit Conference, “Rio and the New World Order”, N&A, #28, p6,7


Anti-McDonald’s libel case, “McLibel”, N&A, #28, p7


Report on Earth First conference, “Letter from America”, N&A, #28, p8


History of Irish  Anarchist Bulletin/Organise!, “Irish Anarchism”, Int, #28, p9


Obituary, Nicholas Faucier, French Platformist, “Obituary”, Int, #28, p9,10


Fascists  in unified Germany, “The Rostock Riots”, Ft, #28, p10


French and British Fascists, and left anti-facist groups, “Bashing the fash?”, Ft, #28, p11


Black Panthers and  Black American anarchists, “From Panther to Anarchist”, Ft, #28, p12,13


Detective Novels, “Reading the Detectives”, Ft, #28, p13,14


Reader’s poem, “On the future”, Let, #28, p15


Why the Revolutionaries have Failed, (pamphlet, Andy and Mark Anderson, Splat Collective), Rev, #28, p16


Sabotage in the American Workplace: Anecdotes of Dis-satisfaction, Mischief and Revenge, (collection of anecdotes, Martin Sprouse ed., Pressure Drop Press & AK Press), Rev, #28, p16


From Alcatraz to Marion to Florence - Control Unit Prisons in the United States, Rev, #28, p16,17 


Preparing for Democracy. No 1. Beyond Just Mass Assemblies. A critical look as Spanish Unions ‘That Work Without Bureaucracy’, (pamphlet), Rev, #28, p17,18


Worldwide Intifada, (bulletin on Palestine, Leamington), Rev,  #28, p18


 Comment on Russian elections & reply, “Letters”, Let, #28, p19


Against Exploitation, Asp, #28, p20



Issue 29 - WHEN THE MARCHING’S OVER, WHAT’S NEXT? - Jan-March 1993


Unions, the left and 31 pit closures, “With friend’s like these...”, N&A, #29, p3


Military dictatorship in Nigeria, “Struggle Worldwide”,  Int, #29, p4


Anarchists facing repression in Moldavia, “Struggle Worldwide”, Int, #29, p4


Prisoner reports after Greek anti-American Army base demo, “Struggle Worldwide”, Int, #29, p4,5


Los Angeles riot arrests, “Struggle Worldwide”, Int, #29, p5


Italian industrial struggles, “Italy: Workers against the unions”, Int, #29, p5,6


Japanese Anarchists and worker’s riots, “Uprising in the Land of the Rising Sun”,  Int, #29, p7,13


Debate on Unions, Letters from Dave Douglass and DAM & replies, “What should we do about the unions?”, Ft, #29, p8-10


Post-mortem on Anarchist Workers Group, “The death of the AWG”, Ft, #29, p11,12


Problems with Intellectualism, “Intellectualism”, Ft, #29, p12


What is Anarchism? An Introduction, (pamphlet, Various contributors, Freedom Press), Rev, #29, p13


A Short History of Political Violence In Britain, (pamphlet, Martyn Everett), Rev, #29, p14


Trotwatch. An Anarchist Commentary on the Life of the Left. Vol 1. No 1., (journal, Trotwatch, Nottingham), Rev, #29, p14


Aufheben No. 1, (journal, Auheben, Brighton), Rev, #29, p14


Ireland: Nationalism and Imperialsm - The Myths Exploded, (pamplet, Subversion, Manchester), Rev, #29, p14


Libertarian Education, (journal, LibEd), Rev, #29, p14


Leaders, Asp,  #29, p16





Temporary back-down on pit closures, “Workers - The Miners”, N&A, #30, p3


Rail unions and railway privatisations, “Railworkers”, N&A, #30, p4


London Buses pay and conditions  threat, “On the buses”, N&A, #30, p4


Post Office threaten 16,000 postal jobs, “The post”, N&A, #30, p4


Roads protest in Hampshire, “Twyford Down and the State”, N&A, #30, p5


Prisoners from Awareness League of Nigeria released, “Nigerian comrades freed”, Int, #30, p5


US/European intervention in Somalia,  “Warlords or US troops - what’s the difference?” , Int, #30, p6,7


Critique of religion, “God”, Ft, #30, p7,8


Ecological Feminism/Anarchism and 18th century philosophy, “Ecology and Enlightenment”, Ft, #30, p9,10

Music and the culture of resistance, “When the Sound of the Music Changes, the Walls of the City Shake”, Ft, #30, p11,12


Reply by Dave Douglass to unions debate & replies by ACF and Trotwatch (ref #29), Let, #30, p13


Criticism of New World Disorder articles (ref #24,25),  Let, #30, p13,14


Objection to basing politics on morality in Aspects of Anarchism  (ref #28), Let, #30, p14


Black Mask, and, Up Against the Wall Motherfucker , (pamphlets, Net York Surrealist and Anarchist Groups, Unpopular Books and Sabotage Editions), Rev, #30, p14


Refracted Perspective. The Left, Working Class Trade Unionism and The Miners, (pamplet, Dave Douglass), Rev, #30, p14 (includes review of Wildcat’s response pamphlet)


Outside and Against the Unions. A communist response to Dave Douglass’ text, (pamphlet, Wildcat), Rev, #30, p14


Crime and Punishment, Asp, #30, p16





Unions and Pit Closures & Timex dispute, “Union sabotage”, N&A, #31, p3


Article by non-ACF member, “Travellers, squatters and economic crisis”, N&A, #31, p4,5


ANC and South African Communist Party, “South Africa - Betrayal and compromise”,  Int, #31, p5,6


Military operations in Somalia, “Somalia - colonialism by other means?”, Int, #31, p6,7


Capitalism in Philippines, Brazil, Egypt and Algeria, “Beyond Capitalism’s Core”, Int, #31, p8,9


 Lack of US action in former Yugoslavia, “Ex-Yugoslavia -will the allies intervene?”, Int, #31, p9,10


World population, natural selection and Marxism, “Natural laws or capitalist ideology?”, Ft, #31, p10-12


Workers Solidary Movement, Direct Action Movement & ACF attend Organise!(IAB) summer camp, “Anarchists meet in Ireland”, Ft, #31, p12

News about Timex dispute, “Timex”, Let, #31, p13

Criticism of Religion article (ref #30) & author’s reply, “God”, Let, #31, p13

In depth view on unions and syndicalism, “The trade union issue”, Let, #31, p14

Criticism of Music article (ref #30) & reply, “Culture”, Let, #31, p14


View on anarchist, left, fascist groups and racism,  Let, #31, p14


Poor Lenin. Extracts from the ‘Communist Technique in Britain’, (pamphlet reprint, Bob Darke, Irate Press/AK Distribution), Rev, #31, p14


Terrorism, Asp, #31, p16

Issue 32 - WOMEN WORK - WHO GAINS? - Oct-Dec 1993


British National Party win Milwall by-election, “Going to the dogs?”,  N&A, #32, p3


Freedom of speech & fascists, “No Platform for Fascists!”,  N&A, #32, p3,4


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Issue 36 - PEACE OFF! - Oct-Dec 1994


Processed Peace - Ceasefire in Ireland, p3-4


Signal Workers - not much of a victory, p4


Keep it Fluffy? Fighting the Criminal Justice Bill, p5-6


Riot - eye-witness account of the Battle of Park Lane, p6


Yobs and Bootboys - Culture, p7


UCH (University College Hospital) - Savaged not Saved, p8


South Africa  - The Working Class against the ANC, p9-11


Unholy Holy Alliance - Vatican at the Population Conference, p11-12


Free Leonard Peltier - Native American prisoner, 12


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Pedestrian Problem - the danger of motor cars and false solutions, p 14-15


Scorcher column, fightback, p15


Anarchy in the UK, a look at the British Anarchist Movement, p15


Blue Christmas - the misery of the Christian festival., p16


Jean Vigo - Nought for Conduct, Anarchist Cinema, p17-18


Letters - NATFHE, Nationalism, p18


Aspects of anarchism -  a new series - Anarchism Communism, p20


Issue 37 - PORNOGRAPHY EXPOSED - Jan-Mar 1995


Editorial – revolutionary change seems a long way away, p2


Labour Pains – their gains from Tories in crisis, p3-4


Poverty in Britain increases, p5


State Surveillance – technologies of state control, p6


A road too far – Green car hyprocrisy, public transport & the anti-roads movement, p7-9


Moral panics and children, p9-11


Cigs, booze & weed, p12-13


Pornography and the sex industry, p14-15


Interview with Avedon Carol, of Feminists Against Censorship, p16-17


Aspects of Anarchism – Human Nature, p18


Issue 38 - THE COST Of MILITARISM- Apr-Jun 1995


Postal Workers, Health Workers, Animal riots, Miltarism and animals, Racism and Tower Hamlets, 'New' Loyalists. Cuba & Castro, Myth of overpopulation, , WW2 end 'celebration', Sport - footie & class war, bumper letters pages, Aspects of Anarchism - Militarism


Issue 39 - PRISON SPECIAL - Summer 1995


Clegg release, Saddam vs. the masses, Iran, Algeria, Romania, Class Struggle in Prisons, Mumia Abu-Jamal, ABC, Heritage, UCH Strike, EE Cummings, Kate Sharpley Library, Aspects of Anarchism - Crime and Punishment.



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