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title: anarchist federation - organising for resistance

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Translations of AF texts are available in various languages: Arabic, Français/French, Deutsch/German, Español/Spanish, Português/Portuguese, Greek. Hollands/Dutch, Russian, Gaelic/Gàidhlig, Welsh/Cymraeg, Esperanto, Turkish.
Some other texts are available in print only, including pamphlets in Serbo-Croat. See AF pamphlets/booklets page.

Follow this link to see what the word 'anarchism' looks like in 42 languages!

Go to our contacts page. See our Links page for international links.


international of anarchist federations (IAF-IFA)

The AF is a member of the International of Anarchist Federations / l'international des federations anarchistes (IAF-IFA). The FAI (Iberia) is currently the international's secretariat.
The AF also has an international secretariat responsible for regions of the world that are not IAF-IFA members.
Read the first issue of the IFA's 52 page magazine Anarkiista Debato [PDF 5MB download]. See also, Organise! #65 (Winter 2005) special international issue.
International Workers Association - IWA-AIT - anarchosyndicalist federation of which Solidarity Federation is the British section.
Industrial Workers of the World - IWW - anarchist-influenced union and workplace networking organisation with international sections. Some AF members are involved with IWW UK.
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