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Translations of various AF texts are available in: Français/French, Deutsch/German, Español/Spanish, Português/Portuguese, Greek/ÅëëçíéêÜ, Hollands/Dutch, Russian, Gaelic/Gàidhlig, Welsh/Cymraeg, Esperanto, and Turkish

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Introduction to Anarchist Communism, pamphlet Against Nationalism, pamphlet In the tradition, influences on the AF, pamphlet On the frontline: anarchists at work, strategy pamphlet Kropotkin and the history of anarchism Resistance to Nazism Aspects of anarchism [HTML] The Poll Tax and How to Fight It [HTML/GIF] Beating the Poll Tax [HTML] Defending Anonymity anti-ID cards pamphlet [HTML] As We See It pamphlet [HTML] Beyond Resistance manifesto [HTML] Role of the Revolutionary Organisation [HTML] Basic Bakunin pamphlet [PDF] Ecology and Anarchism pamphlet [PDF] THE ANARCHIST MOVEMENT IN JAPAN pamphlet [HTML] Work pamphlet [HTML] Manifesto of Libertarian Communism [HTML]

NEW EDITION FOR 2013: ACE 21: INTRODUCTION TO ANARCHIST COMMUNISM - 2nd edition April 2013. first published March 2010. This pamphlet is made up of two parts that run alongside each other. The main text lays out the fundamental ideas of anarchist communism. Various boxes throughout the text give examples from history to illustrate the ideas described in the main section. Printed copies - £2 +p&p.

NEWLY SCANNED IN FOR 2010: ACE 2: The Poll Tax and how to fight it [HTML/GIF].

ACE 20: AGAINST NATIONALISM [PDF] - published September 2009, an analysis of nationalism and why anarchist communists are fundamentally against it. Printed copies - £2 +p&p. [HTML version]

ACE 19: IN THE TRADITION [PDF] - published as a pamphlet for the first time in 2009, this collection of articles from Organise! magazine outlines the root of and influences on the politics of the A(C)F. Printed copies - £2 +p&p. Also online in french.

ACE 18: ON THE FRONTLINE: ANARCHISTS AT WORK [PDF] - new for 2009, the AF's workplace strategy is explained. Printed copies - £2 +p&p. Also online in french.

ACE 17: BASIC KROPOTKIN. New pamphlet for October 2008. Kropotkin and the History of Anarchism, by Brian Morris. An introduction to the thought and politics of one of the most influential anarchist communists of 100 years ago. - £2.00 +p&p.

ACE 16: RESISTANCE TO NAZISM - telling the stories of libertarian groups that were opposing Fascism in Europe before, and into, the 1930s including Edelweiss Pirates, FAUD underground, Zazous, 43 group, Arditi del Popolo and dozens of other Italian groups - £1.50 +p&p. Download Resistance to Nazism [PDF] full layout version with pictures.

ACE 15: DEFENDING ANONYMITY - Thoughts for struggle against identity cards: 3rd edition, May 2008. ID cards and the National Identity Register are coming to Britain (and elsewhere) very soon. This updated pamphlet aims to see through Labour's smokescreens of 'identity theft' and the 'war on terror'. Online as a 'living document' with continual updates. Download DEFENDING ANONYMITY 3rd ed. [PDF] full layout version with pictures. Printed copies FREE/Donation (pay p&p only).

ACE 14: ASPECTS OF ANARCHISM: Thoughts and commentary on some of the most important issues that anarchists must confront, from an anarchist communist perspective. Collected articles from Organise! magazine on the fundamentals of anarchist communism - £1.00 +p&p. Aspects of Anarchism [PDF] full layout version with pictures. NEW for 2009, French translation: Aspects de l'anarchisme [PDF]. Idées et commentaires sur certaines des questions les plus importantes auxquelles les anarchistes doivent se confronter, d’un point de vue communiste anarchiste.

ACE 13: WORK AND THE FREE SOCIETY - Why work is so terrible and why it must be destroyed before it destroys us! - £2.00 +p&p.

ACE 12: AGAINST PARLIAMENT, FOR ANARCHISM: Insights into the political parties of Britain, and why anarchists oppose all parties. ** OUT OF PRINT - ONLINE ONLY **

ACE 11: BEYOND RESISTANCE - a Revolutionary Manifesto for the Millennium: 6th edition, Autumn 2008. The AF's in-depth analysis of the capitalist world in crisis, suggestions about what the alternative Anarchist Communist society could be like, and evaluation of social and organisational forces which play a part in the revolutionary process - £2.00 +p&p. Beyond Resistance 5th ed. [PDF] full layout version with pictures also available for Download. Also available, French translation: Au-delà de la résistance. Manifeste révolutionnaire. Cinquième édition - Printemps 2006

ACE 10: ANARCHISM - AS WE SEE IT: Our very popular pamphlet, describing the basic ideas of anarchist communism in an easy-to-read form. - £2.00 +p&p. Visit AF-North to order in print.

An earlier edition of As We See It [PDF] full layout version with pictures also available for Download. Translations in some other languages are also available including online versions in: Deutsch/German, Español/Spanish, Hollands/Dutch and Welsh/Cymraeg. Portuguese and Serbo-Croat versions are available in print-only.

ACE 9: ECOLOGY AND CLASS - where there's brass, there's muck [PDF]: This major second edition looks at the ecological crisis facing us today, what is being done about it and sets out in detail our views on what an ecologically sustainable world would be like. £2.00 +p&p.

ACE 8: THE ANARCHIST MOVEMENT IN JAPAN: The fascinating account of Japanese anarchism in the 20th Century, by John Crump. Updated with postscript, May 2008 - £2.00 +p&p.

ACE 6: THE ROLE OF THE REVOLUTIONARY ORGANISATION: Anarchist communists reject the Leninist model of a ‘vanguard’ party as counter-revolutionary. This new edition explains the concept of revolutionary organisation and its structure. All libertarian revolutionaries should read this fundamental text - £2.00 +p&p. Translations of RORO available in French and Serbo-Croat (print-only).

ACE 4: BEATING THE POLL TAX - A relevant 'blast from the past' that encouraged and analysed the rise of mass revolt against the Community Charge in 1989/90. ** OUT OF PRINT - ONLINE ONLY **

ACE 3: MANIFESTO OF LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM [PDF]: Written in 1953 by George Fontenis, this is one of the key texts of the anarchist communist current, translated from French. Although flawed, the best features need to be incorporated into modern revolutionary theory and practice - £2.00 +p&p. Read MLC text version online. For the AF's views on organisation, read The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation and Beyond Resistance.

ACE 1: BASIC BAKUNIN: This 2007 updated edition of our first pamphlet outlines the ideas of one of the 19th century founders of class struggle anarchism - £1.00 +p&p. Download Basic Bakunin [PDF] full layout version.

The following ACE pamphlets are no longer available but may be scanned and put online in the future:

  • ACE 7: The myth of Labour's socialism.
  • ACE 5: Marxism and its failures.

Stormy Petrel series - pamphlets / booklets published by London AF

NOTE: where stated the following texts can be printed to order.

THE ITALIAN FACTORY COUNCILS AND THE ANARCHISTS [PDF]. A new Stormy Petrel pamphlet for 2009, produced by the Anarchist Federation (London), this text tells the story of the factory councils in Italy between 1920-21. It examines their practice and the role of the anarchists in their lives - £2 +p&p. Order Italian Factory Councils and the Anarchists in print using paypal.

A BRIEF FLOWERING OF FREEDOM: The Hungarian Revolution 1956. An exciting account of one of the first post-war uprisings against the Stalinist monolith. Also includes a history of the Hungarian anarchist movement. ** OUT OF PRINT - ONLINE ONLY **

MALATESTA'S ANARCHISM AND VIOLENCE: Complete with a new introduction this important document in the history of anarchist theory refutes the common misinterpretation of anarchism as mindless destruction while restating the need for revolution to create a free and equal society. £1 +p&p. Visit AF-North to order in print. See also an alternative online edition of Malatesta's Anarchism and Violence [PDF] from Zabalaza, South Africa (without AF preface).

THE FRIENDS OF DURRUTI: The Friends of Durruti were a much misunderstood group who attempted to defend and extend the Spanish Revolution of 1936. Included are an historical introduction and two political statements by the Friends themselves. See also: online edition of Towards a Fresh Revolution, by the Friends of Durruti, and accompanying introductory texts. Plus: original Spanish-language version: Hacia una nueva revolución, which has links to translations into Italian and Portuguese.

Peterloo Press series - council communist pamphlets / booklets published by Manchester AF

hungarian revolution 1956 cover fascism/anti-fascism front cover Leninism or Communism front cover Origin of movement for worker councils in Germany cover

Council communist pamphlet published by Leicester AF
Also available from the AF

Pannekoek's Party and Class front cover Pannekoek's Party and Class front cover Organise!: magazine of the AF, covering analysis of current issues, feature articles, reviews and letters.

resistance: the AF's regular news bulletin.

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