Politicians are the enemies of the working class, and recently they were positively 
crawling over each other to illustrate it. Jack Straw said: “If British companies 
benefit from working with Indian service providers in Bangalore and elsewhere, then 
Britain as a whole benefits”, predictably substituting the interests of owners for 
those of workers.
Tory Oliver Letwin, on the other hand, chose to try and help business put yet another 
boot in: this time in the guise of tax structure. Companies doing business in the UK 
already contribute less than in any other country in Europe, but this wasn’t enough for 
Letwin, who believes those much-maligned do-gooders the rich are being “squeezed for 
every penny” by being forced to pay VAT. Quite unsurprisingly, his desire is to reduce 
the “tax burden” on businesses operating here. A Tory solution, but like so many others, 
implemented with vigour by a Labour Party eager to please it’s corporate masters. 
Government policies already managed to reduce the average level of corporate tax in the 
30 richest countries from 37.5% to 30.8% in just seven years.
Along with politicians eager to do the work of the capitalists, these threats help the 
capitalist class displace costs from its own shoulders and onto ours. Prem Sikka, a leading 
accountancy specialist, estimates that up to £85bn of tax is avoided each year just through 
the use of offshore tax havens. In the four years to June 2003, Murdoch’s News Corporation 
paid just 6% of the pre-tax profits for the same period, much less than the rest us have 
to pay. During the nineties, he paid a grand total of no tax whatsoever in the UK. For some 
reason, his mouthpieces the Times, the Sun and Sky attack working class “dole scum” but 
never their masters. 
Whilst our communities are plastered with scare-tactic advertisements warning us that the 
benefits agency “are onto us”, the state seems remarkably less interested in pursuing tax 
cheating by the rich. Inland Revenue statistics reveal that businesses illegally avoid 
billions in taxes. 
But it is not just blame that gets targeted at us. The avoidance shifts the tax burden 
onto the working class, whose council and income taxes go up to compensate for the shortfall. 
Taxes extracted from workers increased by over 120% between 1989-90 and 2002-03, whereas 
corporate tax collection increased by just 36%, despite a massive rise in corporate profits. 
Parliamentary democracy is simply a method of managing society in the interests of capitalists. 
The minutes of meetings between the Inland Revenue and top corporations reveal promises “not 
to examine in any detail” fraudulent tax payments. 
At the current time class conflict seems at a low ebb. The boss class use weapons like taxes, 
productivity deals and “outsourcing” to grind us down. But we also have weapons. It is all 
too easy to forget tides always turn and the fight back has already begun. Resistance to 
council tax increases is spreading and the government is running scared. At work the 
number of strikes is increasing as people take direct action to improve their lives  – 
see inside for more details. 



You’d probably hope for politicians to be, at least to some extent, sane and sound. 
Forget now about Bush, just focus on British and European ones. 
First there’s the homicidal urges. Killing people by ordering the bombing of a foreign 
country surely must be murder.
Then they seem to be developing a split personality and holding different opinions on 
similar issues. For example according to Tony Blair borders must be both opened and 
closed at the same time. Is this possible? 
On the one hand, as a country leading  capitalist globalisation, the UK wants to have 
every market on the planet open to its products, so these don’t have to bother about 
customs or borders. That this can destroy the economies of many  households in developing 
countries, as well as working conditions here, doesn’t bother politicians. Big money 1, 
normal people 0.
On the other hand the controls at the borders, for people trying to cross them, are 
getting tighter. Those who can fill gaps in “our” labour market, so Blair said, will 
be allowed in, but without the right to benefits at all. They´ll still have to pay 
taxes, though, probably on an emergency higher rate. So borders will be closed for the 
people, unless required by the companies, but still open for exports. Big money 2, 
normal people 0. 
We, as working class anarchists, can’t help but express our solidarity with all those 
arriving to this country, either fleeing an oppressive political regime or the equally 
threatening, and much more widespread, economic misery. Borders are only a tool in the 
rulers’  hands to impose the society they have designed on a worldwide basis, a profoundly 
divided one between privileged and dispossessed. So don’t believe their lies. Campaign 
for sanity. Bring down the borders.   



Many major strikes happend last month:
• 85,000 workers from job centres and benefits offices went on strike. Also 5,000 driving 
tests could be cancelled as more than 1,000 examiners joined a strike by office staff at 
the Driving Standards Agency. The strike has added to the biggest outbreak of industrial 
unrest in the civil service for 13 years. Civil servants across Northern Ireland staged 
another one-day strike as part of their ongoing pay protest and thousands staged walkouts 
of up to two hours to attend protest rallies. Meat inspection staff staged a four-day 
strike as part of the civil service pay dispute. Meat plants in Ballymena and Crumlin 
have been closed.
• Over 100 workers at the Beagle aircraft firm in Christchurch staged a one-day strike 
on 23/1 in support of a pay claim. A spokesman said they were demanding a 6.5 per cent 
increase, and had not received an expected pay award in August. Some delivery lorries 
were also turned away from the Stony Lane factory. 
• Tram services in Manchester were disrupted on Saturday after drivers went on 24-hour 
• Staff from Bristol’s Crown and County courts went on strike in protest against poor 
pay. Clerks, ushers and administrators picketed outside the courts to protest against 
below-inflation pay rise proposals. Let’s hope there’s more strikes!
• Production of Land Rover vehicles was hit by another 24-hour strike over pay. Thousands 
of workers out of the company’s factory in Solihull staged a second walk-out in two weeks 
after rejecting a two-year deal worth 6.5 per cent. 
• Workers at black cab manufacturers London Taxis International have pledged to stay out 
on strike until company chiefs agree to a four per cent pay rise. Production was halted 
when all 199 workers walked out in protest over the company’s 2.9 per cent pay offer.
• Bus drivers in Lincoln manned a picket line in a strike over pay. Around 150 workers 
from the travel firm were expected to take part in walkout today and again on Monday. 
• Disgruntled bus drivers from First Scotland East held a one day on strike last Saturday, 
as part of an ongoing dispute with management over conditions and pay. Many drivers began 
an unofficial overtime ban on Monday.
• College lecturers in Leicester struck in protest over workload and holiday concerns. 
• About 4,000 nursery nurses have taken part in further strike action as part of a pay row. 



“Only the fake succeed”

You said it Johnny. Rotten, with an overdose of supreme irony, by taking part in the so-
called “Reality T.V. show” (bikinis in a jungle: Reality?) “I’m a Celebrity – Get me out 
of Here” confirms what any genuine anarchist, even in the ‘70’s, knew about his phoney 
posturing, which included the filthy habit of spitting on people. 
As (in)famous for the wearing of safety pins and swastika emblems as singing “anti-
establishment” songs. Rotten passes the time reading the Economist while working property 
deals in the egotist’s paradise of Hollywood. Some working-class rebel our Johnny, eh?
Now he joins the publicity seeking desperadoes who’d do literally anything to keep their 
fading faces in the media spotlight. What is the point of this show? More to the point, what 
is the point of prats like Rotten who fall all over themselves to appear in it? REAL anarchist 
punk bands like Crass not only made more meaningful music than the sex pistols, they never 
sold out either, still turning out songs urging our class to revolt. Which is more than can 
be said for Rotten and the idiotic company he keeps these days. ‘Get me Outta Here’ indeed – 
we say get the fucking lot of ‘em out of here! Permanently.
	Rotten/swamp/parasites/celebrities/snakes/piranhas: the Jungle – a murky, slimy, 
	slithery mass of glop. We couldn’t come up with a more accurate description of 
	Capitalism if we tried. Thanks Johnny, yer PRAT! 



The rail union RMT has been thrown out of the Labour Party. Some of its branches supported 
the Scottish Socialist Party. Labour demanded complete allegiance from its union associates, 
the RMT leadership refused.
The RMT leaders have not broken with “old” Labour politics though. The support of branches 
for the Scottish Socialist Party, for the now nearly dead Socialist Alliance and the new 
lash-up of the Respect and Unity Coalition between George Galloway MP and the Socialist 
Workers Party  shows a frenzied search for a replacement for Old Labour politics. A break 
with Labour has not meant a break with old-style reformist politics.
Today, Labour has adapted itself to the market. There is no room in today’s world for 
reformist, social-democratic, politics. The choice is either to completely adapt to the 
market, or to develop revolutionary positions. In this process, a number of political 
groups have/will set themselves up, as alternatives to the Labour Party. But their solutions 
are no solutions at all, just a return to dreary, dead end politics that offered and still 
offer no real solution to the hell of capitalism.
Nevertheless any break with Labour can be used by those arguing for real independent working 
class politics in the workplace. As part of this we should point out that members of other 
unions can fill in a form that stops their dues going to finance the Labour Party. 
Alongside the move by RMT, and possibly the Fire Brigades Union, to disaffiliate from 
Labour comes a counter-move. The Labour government wishes to forestall any further signs 
of revolt by promising millions of pounds to “modernise” the unions. This money is designed 
to ensure the loyalty of the union leaders, which is forthcoming anyway, as a whole bloc 
of unions with UNISON and GMB at their head consistently argue for continuing affiliation 
to Labour.
Any hopes in these other union leaders leading a breakaway from Labour politics, whether 
of the “Old” or “New” varieties, are false. Workers will have to rely on their own efforts 
at self-organisation and not on a bunch of union bureaucrats.
No Vote for War! Boycott the Next Election.

Don’t back Labour’s warmongering
If you do not wish to contribute financially to the Labour Party, who think blood for oil 
company profits come before the welfare of the populations of Iraq and here, copy the 
following, and send it to your work’s wages section. 

Political Fund Exemption Notice 
I hereby give notice that I object to contributing to the political fund of the union and in 
consequence exempt, in the manner provided by Chapter 6 of the Trade Union and Labour 
Relations (consolidation) Act 1992, from contributing to that fund. 

Sign it, print your name, union membership number, address, union branch and date. Tony Blair’s 
money will then be in your pocket. Enjoy!



On Monday 16th February the fascist British National Party held two demonstrations in 
Central London. Counter demonstrations were called, but noticing a pair of fascists had 
left their demonstration to get a coffee some anarchists decided to take more direct 
action. A short while later the fascists were wearing their coffee and had sprouted lumps 
on their heads!  
Directly confronting fascists makes it more difficult for them to operate. We need to have 
a political climate where the BNP can not come out and hold public events. Racism and 
fascism are weak when workers are fighting for their own class interests. Struggle will 
re-emerge. There are already signs of this which the media prefers to hide news of beneath 
a barrage of false debate over capitalist issues. To get involved in militant anti-fascism 
contact London AF (details on back page).



The Israeli Army fired live rounds against the Anarchist Movement Against the Wall, which 
organised  an international camp against the wall being built in Cisjordan. These attacks 
took place on the 28th and 31st December. Two activists were seriously wounded, including 
the Israeli anarchist Gil Naamati. This adds to a long list of Palestinians, Israeli anti-
militarists and foreign activists seriously wounded or murdered. The movement unites Israelis 
and Palestinians in internationalist action against Israeli colonialism and Palestinian and 
Israeli nationalism. It calls for the free federation of communes in the region, the 
coexistence of the populations whatever their origin, and a break with the logic of 
nationalism, colonialism, militarism and religious bigotry. Such ideas divide Israeli 
workers from their Palestinian and Arab counterparts, to the greatest profit of the ruling 
classes of the region. To make contact with Anarchists Against the Wall: 
or or

London Anarchist Youth
London Anarchist Youth have re-launched themselves, with a clear organistional structure 
and five agreed  principles: 

• Anti-Authoritarian
• Anti-Capitalist
• Anti-Prejudice
• Class Struggle
• Direct Action

The resistance editors see this as a very positive step and wish them well for the future. 
Contact London Anarchist Youth, c/o 84b Whitechapel High St, E1 7QX or visit:
Repression in Mexico
In October paramilitaries attacked a meeting at Santa Maria Yaviche of the CIPO-RFM (a 
libertarian organisation based among the native inhabitants of Oaxaca State in Mexico). 
A libertarian miltant, Bartolome Salas Chavez, was murdered, and nine others seriously 
wounded. Behind these paramilitaries, the CIPO-RFM sees the hand of Jose Murat, governor 
of Oaxaca State. They demand his immediate sacking, as well as that of his secretary Hector 
Anuar Mafud,  and the dissolution of the paramilitary groups. 
More info at:

Not even wage slavery!
Highfield’s Minimum Wage Project in Leicester has revealed that a factory worker, who they 
describe as having “learning difficulties,” was recently being paid the princely sum of just 
29p an hour! Unfortunately, the Highfield’s project have not named the employer, but if any 
of our readers in Leicestershire happen to know the leech responsible for this, then drop us 
a line at:

Leicester Anarchist Federation, Dept. Z, 73 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 1WB. Email: 

The Hereford Insurgent
Hereford Anarchist Federation have launched a new bulletin called “The Hereford Insurgent”, 
Herefordshire’s only working class newspaper. 
For a copy write to: 

Anarchist Federation (Hereford), 
PO Box 7, Pontypool, Gwent, NP4 8YB or 
Visit: or 



Kate Sharpley
In 1917 Queen Mary was handing out medals in Greenwich, most of them for fallen heroes being 
presented to their womenfolk. One 22-year old girl, said by the local press to be under the 
influence of anarchist propaganda, having collected medals for her dead father, brother and 
boyfriend, then threw them in the Queens face, saying: “If you think so much of them, you can 
keep them”. The Queens face was scratched and so was that of one of her attendant ladies. The 
police, not a little under the influence of patriotic propaganda, then grabbed the girl and 
beat her up. When she was released without charge from the police station a few days later 
she was scarcely recognisable.
The girl was Kate Sharpley, who had been active in the Woolwich anarchist group and helped 
keep it going through the difficult years of World War 1. After her clash with the police 
she was sacked from her job on suspicion of dishonesty (there was nothing missing, but a 
policeman had called  to check up on her…) and, selling libertarian pamphlets in the street, 
she was recognised by the police, and warned that if she appeared there again she would be 
charged with soliciting as a prostitute (which in those days would have been a calamity, and 
even today a disaster, if once convicted). Isolated from her family, and with the group 
broken up, she moved out of activity, away from the neighbourhood, and married. 
By chance, shortly before her death she re-connected with the anarchist movement. She 
remembered the  movement with nostalgia, and gave a fascinating account of the local group 
in the years before World War 1. Some young anarchist women asked her if she had a message 
to the Anarchist movement today. Her answer: “tell the kids they’re doing all right, they 
don’t need any advice from me”. Especially she praised the young women of today: “I wouldn’t 
have had to take cover like I did if women of my day had any guts” she said. But she did have 
guts. Only a few in 1917 dared take any action in bereaved England. 
In 1978 The Kate Sharpley Library was formed, dedicated to researching and restoring the 
history of the anarchist movement, it regularly publishes information on lost areas of 
anarchist history. It was named in honour of Kate Sharpley, one of the countless “unknown” 
members of the movement so often ignored by “official historians”.
Kate Sharpley Library, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX or Visit:



Anti-War activist on hunger strike! 
Eoin Rice, who has refused to accept a ban from Co Clare as a bail condition and has been 
jailed, has gone on hunger strike. Mr Rice, an anti-war activist, had been before the bench 
for motoring offences and this new condition was introduced by the judge himself and not the 
prosecution. For a full report on this at:
Send letters to: 
Eoin Rice, D-wing, Limerick Prison, Mulgrave Street, Limerick, Ireland. 

Anarchist Jailed in England
on the 23rd Jan, in Southwark Crown  court anarchist James Borek pleaded guilty to attacking 
a policeman at the J18  protest in London plus an additional charge of skipping bail in 2000.  
Jim will serve four and a half years in prison. 
Please write to: James Borek LL6803, B4-14 HMP Wandsworth, PO Box 757, Heathfield Road,  
London SW18 3HS
More info contact Anarchist Prisoner Support:
or Visit:

Anarchist Jailed in France
René Riesel has been sentenced to seven months in jail because he destroyed Genetically 
Modified Organisms in a “on ground” crop and also in a research laboratory in the south of 
France, in 1998.
René Riesel, an anti-capitalist militant has been in jail since the 1st of December. In the 
jail he reads things for his jail mates, including Tatchanka (the newsletter of the anarcho-
syndicalist CNT-AIT Gards’Union). You can send letters and reading material to: René RIESEL, 
n° d’écrou 4612, Maison d’Arrêt, 37 chemin Séjalan, 48000 MENDE, FRANCE
More info: htt://

Sardinian anarchists
An virulent media campaign against anarchists, is being carried out in Italy. The Minister 
of the Interior, Pisanu, has drawn attention to a demonstration in Cagliari, capital of 
Sardinia on 22nd October 2003, where two anarchists were arrested for “Resistance with 
violence against the agents of public force”. The trial looks set to last several months.
This is linked to the arrest of another Sardinian anarchist, Massimo Leonardi after a 
demonstration in Rome in October 2003 and has  already spent three months in prison. Another 
anarchist, Marco, was arrested on 3rd December. Write to: Massimo Leonardi, carcere di 
Rebibbia, via Majetti 70, 00156 Rome and Marco Ferruzzi, carcere di Regina Coeli, via della 
Lungara 29, 00165 Rome.

Prisoners riot at jail
In early February a riot and a siege took place at Exeter Prison. Inmates damaged computers 
and doors during the five-hour disturbance. Some of the prisoners  armed themselves with 
chair legs and pool balls. The incident started just before 8pm when a group of about 15 
inmates refused to return to their cells after socialising. Prison staff tried to negotiate 
with them but were forced to withdraw when the prisoners became aggressive. The Home Office 
said that “moderate” damage was caused on the wing. The authories regained control by 12.45am.


Subvert and resist

Take precautions when going on demonstrations and don’t take cameras, booze or drugs. 
If you’re nicked give your name and address then say ‘no comment’ to any other questions.

1: Libertarian parent and kid drop in – then every Monday 4:30-6:30pm Autonomy Club, 
Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St. Email: 
6-7: Frock On! Women’s Music/Skill-Sharing Festival in honour of International Women’s Day. 
At the Pearse Institute, 840 Govan Road, Glasgow. 10 am-6pm daytime, 8pm-midnight nighttime 
Daytime - everything free, nighttime - £3-£5. Email: or Visit: 
6-14: Global Women’s Strike Week of Activities. Tel: 020 7482 2496 Email: Visit: 
8: International Women’s Day Visit: 
19: Blockade and demonstration against US militarism at Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire. 
Visit: Tel: 01274 730795 
20: Anti-war march. 12 Noon, from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. For info on the Anarchist 
block visit: or contact London AF.
25: Anarchist discussion meeting organised by London Anarchist Federation and Freedom 
collective. 7pm Autonomy Club, Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St. 
More info from London AF.


Join the resistance

The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchists aiming to 
abolish capitalism and all oppression to 
create a free and equal society. This is 
Anarchist Communism. 
We see today’s society as being divided into two main opposing classes: the ruling class 
which controls all the power and wealth, and the working class which the rulers exploit to 
maintain this. By racism, sexism and other forms of oppression, as well as war and 
environmental destruction the rulers weaken and divide us. Only the direct action of working 
class people can defeat these attacks and ultimately overthrow capitalism. 
As the capitalist system rules the whole world, its destruction must be complete and world 
wide. We reject attempts to reform it, such as working through parliament and 
national liberation movements, as they fail to challenge capitalism itself. Unions also work 
as a part of the capitalist system, so although workers struggle within them they will be 
unable to bring about capitalism’s destruction unless they go beyond these limits. 
Organisation is vital if we’re to beat 
the bosses, so we work for a united 
anarchist movement and are affiliated to the International of Anarchist Federations.
The Anarchist Federation has members across Britain and Ireland fighting for the kind of 
world outlined above.  Contact us at:

Anarchist Federation, 
84B, Whitechapel High Street, 
London,  E1 7QX. Tel: 07946 214 590