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title: anarchist federation - organising for resistance
Nottingham and Notts AF group

Welcome to our old webpage. Check out these current websites/blogs:


The Nottinghamshire Black Arrow blog

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Box AF c/o The Sumac Centre
245 Gladstone Street
Forest Fields

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Previous events

MAY DAY MAY DAY: Organising Against Austerity – meeting at the Mechanics – Tuesday 1st May 2012.

Comment on the anti-cuts meeting on 22nd Sept 2010.

The Third Revolution? - talk by Nick Heath - Event at The Sparrows' Nest on Tuesday October 26th 2010:

Anti-fascism in 1930s Spain - July events in Notts - starts on 17th July 2010. Details on The Sparrows' Nest website.

Meeting and film about 'Workfare' at the Chase Community Centre, Robin Hood Chase, St. Anns. 17th June 2010, 7pm. See also Nottingham Claimants Action - formerly Nottingham Campaign against the Job Seekers Allowance. Missed it? Read a report on Notts Black Arrow

Mayday, 1st May 2010 - annual workers' day, Nottingham's with stalls, speeches & music stage, stalls & parade. This year in Victoria Park.

Freedom to Organise! - meeting in Nottingham on Thursday March 25th, 2010.

No Borders Winter Gathering – 26th-28th February 2010.

Save Victoria Baths: PROTEST MARCH SAT FEB 6TH 11.30am MARKET SQUARE - follow link below for further info.

English Defense League in Nottingham on Dec 5th 2009

Solidarity Rally in Support of Vestas Workers - Wednesday 10th August, Market Square, 5.15pm. Links to report and pics via Save Vestas website.

Nottingham Claimants Action - legacy site - formerly Nottingham Campaign against the Job Seekers Allowance. This is a new home for the site because will be no more after October.

NEW UPDATED WEBSITE: The Sparrows' Nest - a ‘Centre for Anarchist Culture and Education’, in a house, in St. Ann’s. With anarchist library.

NOTTINGHAM SPARROW Issue no. 4 is coming soon, honest. In the meantime, read Outrage as Leicester Council hikes district heating prices by 76 percent - look out Nottingham!

GET INVOLVED: Five important local campaigns, with websites

  1. No arms trade - Shut Down Heckler & Koch!, international arms dealers Nottingham office - gun crime right on your downstep. See also Nottingham Arms Dump.
  2. No Borders Nottingham - local activist group, organising against deportation/hassle of asylum seekers and other Nottingham residents
  3. . Check out Sumac Diary for other local events, meetings, films.
  4. Stop the BNP Red, White and Blue Festival 2009 - the BNP will continue to face opposition to their festivals of hate and other events. Read anti-BNP RWB report in AF Resistance bulletin.
  5. Nottingham Defy-ID - organising against identity cards, databases & the surveillance society.
  6. Save Victoria Baths

GOOD NEWS: Following the meeting of Midlands Region Industrial Workers of the World in Nottingham in May, a Nottingham IWW branch now exists! If you are interested in joining or want more info about the One Big Union that is open to all regardless of what kind of work you do (as long as you're not a boss!), including unemployed, contact the Nottingham IWW branch by emailing

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Nottingham Sparrow - no. 3 - March 2008 [PDF format] or read [HTML version] online. Articles on Instant Muscle, Victoria Baths, BNP festival, Derby NHS, and more.

What did the Dalai Lama say to the Sparrow at Nottingham Ice Arena? Click and find out!

Members of Nottingham AF are involved in a variety of other local activities...

The Nottingham Sparrow - our local bulletin...

The Nottingham Sparrow - issue 4 of local anarchist bulletin [PDF]
The Nottingham Sparrow - no. 4 - May 2010
is now available for download [PDF format].

The Nottingham Sparrow - no. 3 - March 2008 is now available for download [PDF format].
Read Nottingham Sparrow no. 3 [HTML version] online.

Download Nottingham Sparrow no. 2 - May 2007 [PDF version].
Read Nottingham Sparrow no. 2 [HTML version] online.

Download Nottingham Sparrow no. 1 - March 2007 [PDF version].
Read Nottingham Sparrow no. 1 [HTML version] online.
Thanks also to Brighton's long-running Schnews bulletin for their nice plug of NS's launch in their March 23rd edition.
Alternatively, read The Nottingham Sparrow online on Notts Indymedia

Also on Indymedia, Our Square Isn't it? & Nottingham & Slavery - Hidden History

Other relevant links...

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